Save hours of work by automating your guest messages

Setup your messages and adjust to send specific messages to guest.

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Benefits of using Superstay’s Automated Guest Messaging

Never forget a message again.

A well informed guest is a happy guest.

  • Guest Wifi password
  • Access code to areas
  • Your contact information
  • Instruction for home appliances
  • House rules

Publish reviews for each guest without lifting a finger.

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Let’s discuss our completely transparent Owner Dashboard and how you can benefit from the real-time updates our system provides.

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Connect your property to multiple travel websites.
Invite your staff and work together efficiently.
Real-time conversations through one single inbox.
Save hours of work by automating your guest messages.
Build a free booking website for your property.
Increase direct bookings and pay less commissions
Real-time financial and tasks reports
Manage all your operations from one platform.

What messages should i sent to guests before, during and after their stay?

Can i send automated messages in different languages?